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Asus announces completely ridiculous water-cooled gaming laptop

The ROG GX700 is coming for your kids

Behold the behemoth! Asus' all-new flagship gaming laptop is less of a notebook and more of an oddly-rearranged desktop PC. The 17-inch Asus GX700, making its debut here at IFA in Berlin, is among the first laptops to feature Intel's overclocking-ready K series Skylake CPUs, and it comes with a full water cooling system to help keep it chilly.

Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics and a 4K resolution are the only other details that Asus is disclosing right now. The Taiwanese company is just teasing the existence of the GX700 — which can, of course, function as a pretty powerful gaming laptop without the water cooling too — and promising to deliver the full specs and pricing information as we get closer to this outlandish machine's release. Asus tells us it will be on sale at some point before the end of this year, so stay tuned for more — this is a story worth following whether you're in the market for a water-cooled laptop or not.