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This router will be the last thing you see before the internet consumes you

If you were wondering how Asus would respond to the challenge of Google's OnHub wireless router, wonder no longer. Forged in an off-world colony and teleported here by its own sheer power of will, the artfully titled RT-AC5300 is a wireless portal like no other. It takes the spaceship looks of D-Link's Ultra router and ratchets them up to 11.

The eight external dual-band antennas promise to deliver "ultra-wide area coverage" and are actually detachable — you know, in case you don't need to carpet the entire world in wireless signal. Asus says this menacing monstrosity is capable of up to 1Gbps connections over 2.4GHz and up to 2.167Gbps on each of two 5GHz bands, for a total of 5.3Gbps (hence the AC5300 in the name). These speed claims aren't unique, but the design sure is. Look out for the RT-AC5300's arrival later this year. Seriously, look out.

Asus router

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