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The Asus VivoStick is a $129 PC-on-a-stick that runs Windows 10

Behold the latest HDMI stick that instantly transforms into a full-fledged Windows PC when plugged into a TV or compatible monitor. The Asus VivoStick is Asus' answer for Intel's Compute Stick; it's a PC you can carry in your pocket. Priced at $129, the tiny device includes 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, plus two USB ports and a headphone jack — yes, Asus somehow managed to cram those into the design. It's powered by an Intel Cherry Trail processor and uses Intel graphics, so the VivoStick clearly won't be any match for today's higher-end Windows machines.

But it's also more than just some USB stick that you carry your Office documents around on; this thing's a genuine PC (assuming you've got a keyboard and mouse to go along with everything). It weighs 70 grams (0.15 pounds) and measures 138 x 34 x 15mm, but then you could probably guess the VivoStick would be tiny. It also includes Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11n Wi-Fi support. We've got photos, specifications, and a price, but unfortunately Asus isn't saying exactly when the VivoStick will go on sale, with availability still marked TBD.