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Time Cube's simultaneous four-corner days have run out. As various people have noted, the site's domain seems to have expired; it now returns a splash page of ads and a notice that its registration lapsed on August 24th. Unless it's renewed, Time Cube will exist only as a series of snapshots on the Internet Archive, which was — intentionally or not — created in preparation for this precise moment.

For anyone unfamiliar with Time Cube, it's arguably one of the most notorious single web pages online: an endless wall of text about the conspiracy to suppress an absurdist mathematical model of time. It's been impressively long-lived, having survived nearly two decades since its 1997 launch. While RationalWiki does a good job of explaining the context and themes, the site itself is so valuable in part because it's nearly impossible to translate the full impression of Time Cube into mere plaintext:

Time Cube

There's been some dispute about how seriously Time Cube's creator, Gene Ray, takes the theory, but signs point to it being a genuine attempt at coming up with a theory of time, albeit an incredibly confusing one peppered with racism and homophobia. (Ray's other sites have also gone offline, a process that appears to have started in July.) As with many of the internet's weirdest places, engaging with it involves a certain amount of moral ambiguity — how do you enjoy its surreality without potentially outright mocking mental illness? Whatever the answer, a piece of internet history has just disappeared.