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The next Apple TV will reportedly be more powerful, but it won't have 4K

Many new features could be on the horizon

The closer we get to next week's big Apple event, the more we learn about the company's impending announcements, including the new Apple TV. In addition to a bump in price, 9to5Mac is now reporting that the new version of Apple's set-top box won't be able to handle 4K video and will be powered by the same A8 chip Apple uses in its iPhone 6 line. There could also be two models: a $149 option with 8GB of storage and a $199 model with 16GB.

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Those prices will reportedly be backed up by a swath of new features, like an increased focus on gaming and a Wii-like motion-sensitive remote control. (The remote, which will be black, could also have a mix of physical buttons and a touchpad.) There's also the possibility that this new version will have App Store support, as well as system-wide Siri support — something hinted at in Apple's event invite.

System-wide Siri support and a motion controller to boot

Much of this will be possible because of the apparent power upgrade. The most recent version of the Apple TV, which was released three years ago, used a now-outdated A5 chip. While it doesn't seem like the company's new set-top box will use the A9 rumored to be in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus or the A8X chip used by the the iPad Air 2, the A8 should be plenty powerful — especially because the new box will run iOS 9, which uses "app thinning" to load games and apps on the fly.

That this version of the Apple TV won't output 4K footage isn't necessarily a surprise at this point, but it is strange considering the rumors that the new iPhones will be able to shoot at that resolution. And if you're looking for more ports, though, don't hold your breath, because the new version allegedly has the same ones as before: power, HDMI, USB, ethernet, optical audio, and that's it. We'll find out for sure next week when Apple unveils the new TV box alongside a number of other product announcements.

Correction: This article previously only listed three of the Apple TV's ports. The post has been updated.