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Google is reportedly announcing new Nexus phones on September 29th

Google is reportedly announcing new Nexus phones on September 29th

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According to CNet, Google will announce the oft-leaked two new Nexus phones at an event on September 29th in San Francisco. Based on multiple leaks, we're expecting two new phones, one made by LG and another by Huawei. The LG phone should be smaller, with a polycarbonate shell reminiscent of the old HTC One X and featuring a fingerprint sensor on the back. Of course, in 2015 "smaller" is a relative term: we're expecting it to have a 5.2-inch screen. Huawei's Nexus is potentially more interesting. It should have a 5.7-inch screen and a largish camera module on the back. It also is expected to have a fingerprint sensor. It would be Huawei's first Nexus phone, something that honestly has been a long time coming for a company that's been making huge strides in China and India lately.

Get ready for Marshmallow

Google traditionally holds a relatively small event for its Nexus phones, but it also traditionally only does one per year — so we don't know how big it intends to go with this one. We also don't know how aggressively Google intends to price these phones. Normally, Nexus phones have been relatively cheap, the better to drive adoption. And inexpensive, high-quality Android phones have become a major trend in 2015 — it seems like everybody and their uncle can slap together some components and make a passably good, unlocked Android device these days. Then again, last year Google didn't have any pretensions of low cost with the Nexus 6, a huge device with a pretty large price tag.

What we do know (or at least assume), is that both will be showcases for the new version of Android, recently dubbed Marshmallow. It features some improved battery life management, a neat feature that searches Google automatically from any app, and much more. We've reached out to Google for comment on the rumored date and will update if we get any further word.