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Rolls-Royce debuts its newest car, the Dawn, next week


For a company that builds its cars by hand, it's not every day that a new model comes around — so when it does, it's kind of a big deal. The Dawn will debut online next Tuesday, September 8th at 9AM, presumably ahead of an in-the-flesh unveiling at the Frankfurt show which starts the following week.

Rolls-Royce Dawn teaser


But what is it? Expect a convertible version of the Ghost / Wraith platform, the smaller and lower-priced of Rolls-Royce's two vehicle lines (both "smaller" and "lower-priced" are used very, very loosely here). You can't make much of the company's teaser images here, though the door is definitely Wraith-like; the Wraith has "suicide doors" that are hinged on the opposite end as most car doors, so the gentleman pictured above is probably facing toward the front of the car, not the rear.

All will be revealed next Tuesday — in the meantime, start brainstorming some creative ways to save up the several hundred thousand dollars that you'll need.