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Verizon just unveiled a new logo

Verizon just unveiled a new logo


TL;DR: It's not that different

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Following its $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL, Verizon today unveiled a new logo, writes Advertising Age. Because Google isn't the only company that can revamp itself, right?

Old logo pictured left, new logo on the right:

verizon logo

The new design drastically de-emphasizes Verizon's signature red checkmark, moving it over to the right beside the "n." The red "z" in the name is also gone, and the entire logo is now a simpler, straighter Helvetica. The new logo is "a cleaner, more human design and the checkmark, the universal symbol for getting things done, uniquely expresses the reliability of Verizon," the company wrote in a blog post.

According to Advertising Age, the company launched the change internally today, and Verizon has now confirmed the change.

Update 5:28PM ET: Post updated with Verizon's official announcement of the new logo.