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Tesla's Model X crossover will be hitting streets on September 29th

After a number of delays, Tesla had previously said that its Model X crossover would reach production this month, and now CEO Elon Musk has finally signed off on a date: September 29th. (In other words, just barely September.)

Tesla customers who put down deposits for early builds of the car can now spec out their vehicles through a private website, where you have to make the critical decision of whether to put down an extra $10,000 for Ludicrous Mode, which improves 0-60 time from 3.8 seconds to just a hair over 3. (Being destroyed in a drag race by a silent van-like object has to be a terrifying, life-changing experience.)

Of course, if you're just now coming around to your Model X order, September 29th doesn't mean much at all: new orders won't be rolling off the factory line until early next year.