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T-Mobile CEO John Legere turns Verizon's new logo against itself

T-Mobile CEO John Legere turns Verizon's new logo against itself

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Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Today's Verizon logo change might be less of a big deal than Google's was earlier this week, but if there's one person who's going to have reliably strong opinions about minor tweaks to carrier branding, it's T-Mobile boss John Legere. And Legere didn't disappoint. A few hours after Verizon officially updated its logo, Legere had already appropriated its new pink-tinged checkmark to point out what, in his eyes, his company's competitor does wrong.

"Screws over customers," "keeps all your unused data," and "no early upgrade options" are among a series of complaints Legere laid out today in an image he posted on Twitter, each drawn up to borrow the font and the tick from Verizon's new logo. Each of Legere's points conveniently ties into one of T-Mobile's own promotions, the upstart carrier now offering deals for customers to keep unused data and upgrade their phones early — for a price.

Of course, Verizon's previous logo also used a giant checkmark as its central motif, meaning Legere could have drawn up a similar image at any point over the last decade or so. But the T-Mobile CEO is obviously proud of today's Photoshop job: he's already tweeted it twice, and is trying to get followers to send more examples under the #NewVerizonLogo hashtag.