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Emmys 2015: The Daily Show wins Outstanding Variety Talk Series for its farewell season

Brad Barket/Getty Images

This year a lot of late night shows were bidding farewell after historic runs, but it was Jon Stewart's Daily Show that beat everyone, winning the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. It was the third win of the night for the show, with The Daily Show picking up the award for best variety show writing and directing earlier in the evening.

A bearded Stewart took the stage to accept the award and — in true Stewart fashion — riff, explaining that this was the first applause he'd heard in months. "To everybody on television, I just want to tell you: cling to it, as long as you can," he said, "Like death. Like in Titanic." Calling the regular world a "barren wasteland," Stewart described the tongue-in-cheek existential hell of his new, crafts service-free existence. "Out in the world, there are tables with food, but you can't take it. It costs money! Very little of it is gluten-free or vegan."

"Cling to it, as long as you can. Like death."

Up for the award this year were the final seasons of both The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and one of the most beloved shows in late night history, Late Show with David Letterman. ABC's standby Jimmy Kimmel Live was also nominated, as were two shows that represent the future of late night: Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, and John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.