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Emmys 2015: Jon Hamm is finally the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

This was his eighth nomination in the category

Jon Hamm has won the 2015 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work as Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men. Hamm has been a category mainstay for almost a decade — this was his eighth nomination for his role as the inscrutable, handsome ad man — but he's never won the top prize until now. Bryan Cranston won his fourth Emmy in this category last year for the final season of Breaking Bad, and held off Hamm for most of Mad Men's run; Kyle Chandler, Jeff Daniels, and Damian Lewis have all won in recent years for Friday Night Lights, The Newsroom, and Homeland, respectively.

Hamm's speech was gracious and muted, thanking "families who have chosen, for some reason, to take me in and be nice to me along this strange, strange road." The road might've been longer than expected, but it's finally led to an Emmy for Don Draper.

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