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Ryan Adams releases haunting cover of Taylor Swift’s 'Blank Space' on Shazam

A perfect Sunday song

Tomorrow marks the release of Taylor Swift's 1989 as reimagined by Ryan Adams. But before the album reaches Apple Music, Spotify, and other services, Adams has released one additional track, "Blank Space" with the help of Shazam. Hold the song-identifying app up while you're listening to "Bad Blood" and you'll see a link offering to play the full version of "Blank Space" right beneath it. It's a clever little easter egg — and also one that might've gone unnoticed by many people.

Blank Space

The link pulls up a Vevo video (that's unlisted on Adams' artist page) with the full audio. Unfortunately since the video isn't easily discoverable on Vevo or YouTube, we've got no way to embed it here just yet. But you should take the time to open Shazam and follow the steps, because Adams has converted "Blank Space" into a sullen, gloomy acoustic ballad backed by a string quartet. What started as a pop song now oozes despair. If you've heard Adams' take on "Wonderwall" by Oasis, he's basically recreated that formula here to marvelous effect. This could prove to be the album's standout track, and using Shazam as a delivery tool is something we haven't yet seen a ton of artists do.