First Click: Hamm, Apple, and a look at the week ahead

September 21st, 2015


We’re quickly approaching Friday, September 25th — the day the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus go on sale in the US, China, and 10 other countries. That means the iPhone reviews are due any day now giving us a first look at whether Apple’s latest can live up to the rhetoric. It’s a new week at the Verge which means the only thing that’ll change in technology, entertainment, cars, and science, is everything.

But first, let’s catchup with the Emmys and all the weirdness from the weekend.

  1. Apple removes malware-infected App Store apps after major security breach

    Apple has removed malware-infected apps from the App Store after acknowledging its first sustained security breach. The malware, known as XcodeGhost, worked its way into several apps by convincing developers to use a modified version of Xcode, the software used to create iOS and Mac software.

  2. Drake and Future release 11-track mixtape What a Time To Be Alive

    Drake and Future have unveiled their kind-of-expected 11-track mixtape What a Time To Be Alive (yes, as in the Simpsons quote when Jasper is looking at Moon Pies). The release premiered on Drake's OVO Sound show on Apple's Beats 1 radio last night, and is now available exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music. According to Drake, the songs were recorded with Future over the space of just six days.

  3. Emmys 2015: the winners, speeches, and surprises

    Hamm, Veep, Olive Kitteridge, and Game of Thrones all win big

  4. Ryan Adams' cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989 is out now

    After more than a month of teasing, with numerous clips and even the odd track released online, Ryan Adams' cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989 is out in full today. The album is available to listen to right now on YouTube, iTunes, and, ironically, even on Spotify, where the original album by Swift herself is still unavailable.

  5. I only bought the iPhone 6S because it's available in rose gold

    I don’t need a new phone. My 11 month old iPhone 6 Plus works perfectly fine, easily getting me through a day’s worth of work without any issues. The camera is the best I’ve ever had on a phone. The battery life is still amazing, usually ending up with about 20 percent left after about 16 hours off the charger. But none of that stopped me from buying an iPhone 6S Plus last week.

  6. Relive Formula E's wild first season with this supercut of onboard footage

    The first season of Formula E, the global all-electric racing series, was way better than it had any right to be. That was thanks in part to both the cars' battery technology living up to expectations (there were almost no failures on this end, shockingly) and a field of drivers who, each month, showed they were hungry to win. But what made the inaugural season really great was the choice to run every race on tight, winding street circuits, as well as how evenly-matched the cars were, all of which made for chaotic and exciting racing at just about every turn.

  7. Earth is a marble in this scale model solar system in the desert

    You probably know that our solar system is big. But do you have a grasp on just how big it really is? No. A filmmaker and his buddies went to a dried-up lakebed in Nevada to do just that. The vast expanse of the Black Rock Desert gave the crew the space needed to construct a to-scale model of the solar system. In their fantastic model, the Earth is only the size of a small marble. Even then, seven miles of open space was needed to show the entire solar system from the Sun to Neptune (sorry, Pluto).

  8. The Verge Review of Animals: the killer whale

    I still don’t know if killer whales are really the smartest non-human animals around, and I’ll probably never know. There’s no easy way to accurately measure intelligence, and that’s true for humans and non-humans alike. We can make rough guesses using figures like brain mass and encephalization quotient, and we can note peculiar or impressive bits of behavior, but that’s about it; we know we’re number one, and that’s the only thing we know for sure. But I’ll say this for killer whales: I can see more of myself and the people I love in them than in anything else on this planet.

  9. Brilliant stop-motion ad tells the history of Honda with paper and hands

    Honda's latest ad is worth watching simply because it's fantastic animated art. The spot doesn't show off some shiny new car — instead, it takes two minutes to celebrate the history of the company and the vast array of products it produces.

  10. How to be human: I'm married — how can I stop thinking about my ex?

    The closure you seek with your ex isn't something she can give you. It's something you have to give yourself. Maybe you need to talk to someone outside your marriage about how you feel about having a family, about having a second child before you're 30. Do you feel like your youth has totally slipped away before you were ready? Do you want to reach back to that ex because you feel that somehow you can hold onto that time? Does the piece of your heart you feel is missing look something like the life you had between 2004 and 2009 when you were with your first love and you didn't have this whole life?

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