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Apple says iOS 9 adoption is 'fastest ever,' with 50 percent of devices upgraded

Apple says that customers are upgrading to the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 9, faster than ever before. The company says that more than 50 percent of devices have already made the leap to the new OS, which became available to download on the 16th this month. Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, said in a press release that iOS 9 is "off to an amazing start, on pace to be downloaded by more users than any other software release in Apple’s history." The company also announced that the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be available in its retail stores from September 25th.

Although Apple is claiming that the adoption of iOS 9 is its fastest ever, these early stats can be a bit misleading. For comparison, almost half of iOS devices upgraded to iOS 8 within a week of availability, but this rate of uptake soon slowed with adoption only increasing by a single percentage point (to 47 percent) in the two weeks after. By comparison, iOS 7 was reportedly installed on 70 percent of devices just 20 days after launch. However, with a smaller download size than iOS 8 and no botched updates, iOS 9 should do better than its predecessor. Android, meanwhile, can only look on in envy.