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Listen to Chvrches' new album, Every Open Eye

Listen to Chvrches' new album, Every Open Eye


It's out this Friday via Glassnote

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In 2013, Chvrches released The Bones of What You Believe, a pristine little synth pop debut that snowballed into one of the biggest albums of the year. It was at once delicate and sharp; a taffeta-and-glass knot with a menacing bite simmering beneath its shiny dance-pop surface.

Now, Chvrches are charged with the task of following that up, without the advantage of anonymity. The trio's sophomore album, Every Open Eye, promises to continue the Chvrches tradition of synth-and-vocals volleying and work its way into your cold winter-ready heart. The album is out September 25th. Listen to the entire thing below, via NPR.