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Video offers deep look at the new Apple TV

Video offers deep look at the new Apple TV

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The new Apple TV isn't shipping to consumers until sometime next month, but the company is already sending out units to developers eager to start making apps for the set-top box. Shortly after the new product's unveiling, Apple held a lottery to pick a small batch of app makers eligible for an early order. But as you might guess, some of those devices are finding their way to people who aren't developers. (Someone's even trying to eBay one of them.) Perhaps that's not a terrible thing, as 9to5Mac has now posted a thorough unboxing and walkthrough of the new Apple TV.

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The video covers pretty much everything, from the revamped user interface (with neat parallax effects) to lesser known features like support for Bluetooth headphones. At this early stage, there's obviously no App Store to review, so that'll have to wait until October. But if you want a deep dive on the new remote and Apple's latest TV software, this is the best look you're likely to get until the new Apple TV is available to everyone.

Verge Video: Hands-on with the new Apple TV