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The Pope's visit could delay some iPhone 6S launch day deliveries

Should've booked that in-store appointment

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

There's a very real possibility that Pope Francis' visit to the United States this week will push back deliveries of Apple's iPhone 6S. UPS, the company that has long handled courier duty for iPhone launches, is already warning of delays in New York City and Philadelphia that coincide with the Papal visit. The new iPhone will be released on September 25th — the very day that UPS has issued an advisory for.

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UPS delays

"During the visit, no pickups and deliveries will be available in some ZIP codes," UPS warns. Both NYC and PA are at risk of seeing deliveries postponed (most likely to September 26th), which means some iPhone buyers might not get Apple's latest smartphone on day one despite getting in an early preorder. Apple today announced that most of its retail stores will have stock for walk-in customers, so if you're affected by Francis' itinerary, there's always the option of getting in line (probably for a long, long time).