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Tesla is officially launching the Model X at an event on September 29th

It's not a secret that Tesla's oft-delayed Model X crossover will finally be in customers' hands this month, and now we've got an event to go along with the launch: next Tuesday, September 29th in Fremont, California — home of Tesla's factory.

It's expected that Tesla will lay out pricing and options for the X at that time. Early deposit-holders have already been invited by the company to spec out their vehicles on a private site, but that's been for the limited edition, fully loaded "Signature" model — beyond those early builds, there will be some more variability in how much (or how little) buyers will need to spend.

The Model X, with its bigger interior and unique "falcon doors" — is an important model for Tesla, but arguably not the most important one in the company's pipeline: everyone is looking at the upcoming Model 3 to help bring volume where the pricy Roadster and Model S have not. (The Model X will be just as expensive as the S, keeping it well out of reach of the mass market.) The 3 is expected to hit dealerships in in 2017.

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