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You could play the most difficult Super Mario Maker level, or you could just watch this video

This weekend YouTube user Bananasaurus Rex, responsible for 2013's most fascinating video game moment, published his latest feat of gaming skill, beating the all but unbeatable Bomb Voyage stage in Super Mario Maker. The level — created by Twitch user PangaeaPanga — requires the player to use bombs both as platforms and "keys" to unlock increasingly difficult segments of the level. Even knowing Bananasaurus Rex completes the stage, the video is stress inducing.

Absurdly difficult levels have been popular amongst first time designers in the early weeks of Super Mario Maker, but few of the stages built with Nintendo's Mario level design suite are as creative as this one. If you have Super Mario Maker and would like to try the stage, the Level ID is 2A8F-0000-0049-9485. Of course, just watching Bananasaurus Rex is enjoyable enough for many of us.