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Why doesn't Outlook on the PC work like email on my phone?


So as the title says it.

My Windows Live Hotmail account (now Outlook) is natively integrated into my phone email/contacts/calendar/notes apps. Everything gets pushed and two way synchronized instantly, whether it's drafts, incoming or outgoing messages, contacts, calendar entries, notes. Everything works as it should, like if I had an Exchange server running here. And like I said, I don't use an Outlook app for this.

The same, of course, applies to Outlooks web app. Everything I find there mimics or mirrors the content on my phone.

Now, naturally, I want to have the same experience on my PC (a Mac). I got an Office 365 subscription and Outlook the desktop program included. My question is: why does said Outlook program on the desktop work nothing like the phone integration or web app? Instead of ActiveSync (my phone uses I think) I can just use IMAP somehow and even have to set up a sync interval. Contacts don't get synchronized at all and just like Apple Mail it feels completely out of touch with PIM on my phone.

This sucks big time.

What strikes me most with this is Microsofts product naming scheme. I mean you got Outlook the email service and Outlook the desktop program. And the former hardly works with the latter. Seriously these two should be made for each other.

Or am I just being dumb here? Opinions and suggestions welcome!