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New Apple TV teardown reveals few surprises but impressive repairability

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iFixit has managed to break apart each and every component of the new Apple TV a month before the set-top box ships. The company's teardown specialists got their hands on one of Apple's earlier developer units and wasted little time opening it up to see everything inside. But uh, let's just say this is among the less exciting teardowns we've seen. There's little in the way of surprises amidst all the circuit boards and Torx screws. But if you're curious about things like the Apple TV Remote's battery size or the device's internal layout, dive right in. iFixit gives the new Apple TV a repairability score of 8 — but do people really bother opening up their set-top box for surgery? Then again, this Apple TV is a bit more expensive than the existing $69 unit. If something's an easy fix, why not? Apple will launch the new Apple TV sometime in October.

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