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CPU performance - Surface vs iPad


In another thread about the Surface vs iPad Pro another fellow GreyTux (I think it was) questioned my claim that the Surface Pro 3 is around 2-300% faster than the iPad Air 2.


So I want to look a bit closer at

  • ARM vs x86
  • iOS vs Windows 10
  • iPad vs Surface

regarding CPU performance.


This is a bit difficult because there is not a lot of good information on the subject, but there is also a lot on misinformation thrown around.

For instance Apple and Microsoft have begun throwing out semi-transparent statements like "this product is faster than 80-90% of laptops/desktops out there".

Lets have some good information in this thread and clear some clutter, for everybodies sake (we are all in the boat of the consumer after all) .


I see Anandtech as a very trustworthy ressource regarding analyzing and looking at the numbers, so I will start out with some data from them.

According to "Anandtech": this is how the iPads stack up to the Surfaces:

Kraken (lower is better)
iPad Air 5028
iPad Air 2 4014
iPad Pro ?
Surface 3 4007
Surface Pro 3 1627

Google Octane (higher is better)
iPad Air 5308
iPad Air 2 9430
iPad Pro ?
Surface 3 8205
Surface Pro 3 21790

PS: According to Apple the iPad Pro (A9X) is around 70 % more powerful than iPad Air (A8X) CPU

PS: Geekbench I dont think compares well across different operating systems (iOS // android // windows // OSX) and CPU architechtures (ARM // x86)