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The Serial team is reportedly looking into the Bowe Bergdahl case

The Serial team is reportedly looking into the Bowe Bergdahl case

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U.S. Army/Getty Images

Ever since the first season of the mystery podcast Serial concluded, there's been considerable speculation about what host Sarah Koenig and team are working on next. According to a new report from Maxim, the show will be tackling the controversial case of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

One of the upcoming seasons will reportedly focus on Berdgdahl

In 2009, Bergdahl disappeared from his post in Afghanistan, was captured by Taliban forces, and eventually had his release secured in 2014 through a trade for five Guantanamo Bay detainees. But Bergdahl's motives for leaving his post remain opaque. (Matthew Farwell, who worked on a Rolling Stone story about the case with journalist Michael Hastings, broke the news at Maxim.) Bergdahl was eventually charged with desertion and faces life in prison.

Former members of Bergdahl's unit have already been interviewed by Serial producers, according to Maxim, while the show's producers have reportedly also teamed up with Page 1 Productions, which has been hoping to turn the Bergdahl story into a film. Maxim reports that "one of the two upcoming seasons" of Serial will focus on the case, although producers for the show would only say that they are "working on several things simultaneously," including the two scheduled seasons of the podcast.