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Amy Poehler's production company has sold three shows in a week

Paper Kite Productions is on a roll

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Amy Poehler's production company Paper Kite Productions has sold NBC and ABC one comedy pilot each, meaning the former Parks & Recreation star has won three pilot commitments in the last week alone. Deadline is reporting that ABC has purchased Jordan Roter's Aunt Jill, in which the titular aunt tries to reinvent herself after devoting her life to her career and social pursuits. NBC acquired Transparent veteran Nisha Ganatra's Pre-Madonna, an '80s high school comedy based on Ganatra's own Chicago-area adolescence. They're joining Poehler and The Mindy Project producer Charlie Grandy's Dumb Prince, which was sold to NBC last week.

Of course, there's no guarantee that any of these pilots will receive a full season order – they'll make it to air because of Poehler's agreements with the networks, but nothing else has been confirmed. But it's still a notable burst of success, one worth recognizing because of Poehler's apparent production mandate. With shows like Comedy Central's hilarious Broad City and Hulu's new Difficult People, Poehler has empowered female creators and helped them gain a foothold where they might have been otherwise passed over. Aunt Jill and Pre-Madonna sound like more of the same, and if their pilots impress they'll help to recalibrate an industry that still skews male on either side of the camera.