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Some 2016 Chevy models will get Android Auto in March of next year

Chevrolet did something a little unusual when it announced its rollout of Android Auto and CarPlay a few months ago: only 2016 models with the company's 7-inch infotainment display would get both systems out of the gate, while models with the slightly larger 8-inch display would only get CarPlay at first and Android Auto would come later. Now, we know the upgrade plan for those 8-inch cars: they'll get Android Auto as an upgrade in March of next year.

That's quite a wait, and longer than we were led to believe back at Chevy's May event — the company had been suggesting an update by the end of 2015 at that point — but at least the 2016 model year cars rolling off the line right now will be compatible when it's out. (If you're kicking around with a 2016 Malibu and you have some time to kill before next March, be sure to get up to speed with our Android Auto review.)