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An iPad is waiting in line to buy an iPhone 6S

An iPad is waiting in line to buy an iPhone 6S


We all share that man's expression

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The fourth "person" in line for a new iPhone 6S at Apple's flagship Sydney, Australia retail store isn't actually there in the flesh. Mashable is reporting on a novel stunt orchestrated by Lucy Kelly, who is having a telepresence robot hold her spot in what will inevitably turn into a long, long queue in the coming hours. The robot is also named Lucy, and if you look close you'll see an "Atomic 212" emblem at its base; yes, this social experiment is also meant to draw publicity for a media / marketing firm in Sydney.

The robot is hiding out beneath a special tent that should shield it from any rain, and it's also apparently hooked into a charger to keep it running through the long wait. Bizarrely, Mashable says Lucy Kelly plans to complete the eventual iPhone purchase without ever being there in person — well, physically present, anyway. How might that work? Your guess is as good as ours. Does this whole thing reek of privilege? Will Apple acknowledge Lucy's rolling iPad head as a valid customer? There are many unknowns. But this is now the world we're in, everybody.

Lucy Kelly

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