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The new Gear VR will work with any new Samsung phone and cost $99

Samsung and Oculus have announced a new Gear VR mobile virtual reality headset, and it's coming before Black Friday. At today's Oculus Connect show, Samsung executive Peter Koo said that the latest Gear VR will work with Samsung's whole 2015 line of smartphones — previous editions worked with either the Galaxy S6 or the Note 4.

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The new Gear VR looks a lot like its most recent iteration, with the exception of a redesigned trackpad, which has a D-pad-style cross that could make it easier to feel when you're in VR. But unlike the previous ones, it's not being referred to as an "innovator edition." It's also half the price of the old Gear VR: $99. Koo says that the new Gear VR will ship in November — before Black Friday — in the US, and will head worldwide shortly after. Part of today's news is also the amount of new content that's coming out over the coming months — including Netflix, TiVo, and Twitch.

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