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The real Vladimir Putin called Elton John and said he wants to meet

Alex Wong/Getty Images

It might be the best of all possible outcomes. After news broke last week that two Russian pranksters masquerading as Vladimir Putin called Elton John to discuss gay rights, the Associated Press reports that a real and apologetic Putin called Sir Elton this week to say he'd be happy to meet with him.

Russian news agencies received word from Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov today, stating that, after a meeting on agriculture in a corn field in southern Russia, the Russian president took time to reach out to John to apologize for the prank. "I know that those phone pranksters fooled you," he reportedly said. "Please don't be angry with them." Putin also said that, if their schedules permit, he'd be open to meeting to discuss anything on the singer's mind.

Russia's stance on LGBT rights has been widely criticized

An open dialogue between Putin and John would certainly be an event worth the world's attention. Russia's policies against LGBT people, resulting in hate crimes and arrests, have been loudly decried by human rights activists around the world. Elton John, an outspoken activist himself, has criticized the Russian government for its treatment of gay people. Last year, the singer even published a statement on his website stating he would show Putin the men and women being victimized by laws in Russia.