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Kenan and Kel reunited on The Tonight Show, and it was good

Kenan and Kel reunited on The Tonight Show, and it was good

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A long time ago, in a land called the mid-'90s, there was a show called All That. It starred many an upcoming comedian, but its most famous alums are probably Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. The pair were a comedic force for a few years thanks to that show, along with their own spinoff series Kenan & Kel, and, of course, the sketch-turned-movie-you-probably-forgot-about Good Burger.

Well, years passed, and Kenan and Kel were no more. While Kenan joined the ranks of Saturday Night Live, Kel more or less faded into obscurity. But now he's staging a comeback. And since the internet's appetite for anything '90s is evidently bottomless, Jimmy Fallon engineered a reunion for the pair last night on The Tonight Show. And what better way to pull it off than with a beloved sketch?

Does anyone know if Ed is a surfer or a stoner?

Here, Kel reprises his role as Ed, hapless Good Burger employee (and maybe surfer? Who knows?), who's now working with Jimmy for some reason. After screwing up Steve Higgins and Black Thought's orders, Ed meets yet another All That character, Lester Oaks (construction worker). Look, all you need to know is this is one of the best things to happen on late night last night. Enjoy!