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Sling TV is finally getting more usable on the Xbox One

Sling TV is finally getting more usable on the Xbox One

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In a blog post today, Sling has announced that it's updating the UI for its cord-cutting service on the Xbox One, Sling TV. A UI tweak shouldn't be a big deal, but for Sling users it's been long-awaited. The basic system has you scrolling left and right through channels (and, it must be said, waiting for the services to catch the hell up), then glancing down at what show is on right now. That is basically staying the same, but Sling is saying that it's improving streaming quality and quashing bugs.

But back to those tweaks: you can now push up in the channel guide to see the full schedule for any channel and — best of all — all of the video-on-demand content that's available on that channel (the VOD options were pretty rough to track down before). Jumping to search should also be easier now, as Sling has figured out that most Xbox One video apps use the Y button as a shortcut to search.

We'll have to try it out to see whether or not it's a massive improvement — and to see whether that interface lag goes away. What we likely won't see — either now or in the promised interface tweaks to come — is a proper DVR function for the TV service. The new interface changes should be showing up on the Xbox One this week.