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Amazon Prime Video gets exclusive streaming rights for USA's Mr. Robot

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

USA's hacker drama Mr. Robot was one of the summer's very best new shows, and now Amazon, in its continued content war with Netflix and Hulu, has locked up exclusive streaming rights. "Starting this spring, Prime Video in the US will be the exclusive subscription streaming home for Mr. Robot," the company announced in a press release. (You'll still be able to buy the show digitally through iTunes and other stores.) Amazon also says Mr. Robot's first season will exclusively premiere on its service across the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Mr. Robot has earned critical acclaim for its first 10-episode run, and Amazon is clearly happy to have nabbed it — and kept a hit away from its streaming rivals in the process. "Prime members are going to love binging on this awesome show," said Brad Beele, Amazon's VP of video content acquisition. Mr. Robot, which stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater, was renewed for a second season by USA before the first episode even aired; the show's critical buzz and early online streams were enough to convince the network to go all in. But people definitely tuned in, with Mr. Robot finishing behind Fear the Walking Dead as the summer's second most popular new cable series.