New trailers: The Peanuts Movie, The Angry Birds Movie, The Walk, and more

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Hello, and welcome to New Trailers, a creatively named column in which we, The Verge, write about trailers that have come out this week. Most of the time just the good ones, some of the time the really, really bad ones, and also sometimes just whatever we / I feel like. You might be thinking that this is some stock blurb that appears at the top of every New Trailers. It's not. I'm writing this now, just for you. There are nine new trailers below.

The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie has just about everything you'd expect from, well, a Peanuts movie, which is probably just what you want out of it. This new trailer spends its time highlighting Charles Schulz's classic characters while casually breezing across the plot. Oh, and there's some puzzling narration — shouldn't this guy be talking over an action movie? The movie's out November 6th.

The Angry Birds Movie

It's no secret that Rovio has been having some trouble, but it's easy to imagine that a lot of kids will want to see this. That's not because The Angry Birds Movie looks good (it doesn't), just because it's about Angry Birds, which is still quite the phenomenon. So here you go, parents (and, I guess, Angry Bird fans): this is what you're in for next May.

Yo-kai Watch

I don't know enough about this series to do it justice, so here's Andrew Webster, The Verge's resident Yo-kai Watch expert, on the anime's English trailer:

There might never be another Pokemon, but that won’t stop game developer Level-5 from trying. November will see the launch of its Nintendo-published game Yo-kai Watch on the 3DS — a Pokemon-like series that’s already a massive hit in Japan — but before that you can get a taste of the fantasy world with the anime, which makes its English debut on Disney XD on October 5th. It’s a bit weirder than Nintendo’s monster-collecting series, but it also has an adorable cat with two tails, so you can’t really go wrong.

The Walk

Anyone who's seen the documentary Man on Wire will know that The Walk is based on an amazing story and some amazing characters, but as for how well they translate... this trailer should give you some idea. You can absolutely see Philippe Petit in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance, but between the overly sentimental dialogue and music (to say nothing of JGL's accent), it may not be for the best. The film comes out wide on October 9th.

The Big Short

This is not what you'd expect from the director of Anchorman, but who cares? It looks great. The Big Short is about four men who see the 2008 housing crash coming and try to bet against it. Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, and Brad Pitt all star as weird dudes with weird haircuts. It should be cool. The movie comes out on Christmas.


This is like the second season of The Newsroom, only with Dan Rather and CBS and it really happened. Robert Redford stars as Rather, but Cate Blanchett seems to be the focus here as his producer. It'll be out on October 16th.


This looks really wonderful. Mustang is about five sisters in Turkey whose adolescence goes from carefree and fun to cold and restrictive after something or other causes their village to turn oppressive and their family to start trying to marry them off. The trailer shows it all happening so naturally, flowing from bouncy and joyful and quietly twisting into this harsher world. It's out November 20th.

Daft Punk Unchained

The BBC has a documentary coming out about Daft Punk, and it looks like it could be an interesting one. The trailer features Kanye West, Nile Rodgers, and Pharrell Williams, and the BBC says there'll also be word from other Daft Punk collaborators, including Michel Gondry and Giorgio Moroder. There's no set release date just yet.

Yakuza Apocalypse

Two words: Yakuza vampire.

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