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Fully-featured Twitch apps are coming to PlayStation platforms


Twitch announced today at its first ever TwitchCon conference that it's launching an improved suite of apps for Sony's PlayStation platforms. PlayStation 4 users have been able to record directly to Twitch's game-streaming platform using the console's share features, as well as watch other PS4 content. But there hasn't yet been an app that lets you watch any Twitch channel regardless of platform and enjoy the full features of the desktop website or mobile app. Twitch is launching its new PS4 app alongside versions for the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita handheld, and the PlayStation TV micro-console this fall.

The launch of a PlayStation 4 app that mimics the web-based is long overdue considering competing platforms like the Xbox One, iOS, Android, and even Roku all have Twitch apps. It won't change much for broadcasters, as the PS4 launched with Twitch functionality built in allowing players to stream with the touch of a button. But if you're someone who likes to enjoy Twitch streams of all kinds on the big screen instead of your computer monitor, the Twitch app might be your best bet.