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Verizon is gathering exclusive series for its mobile streaming service

Everyone wants their own TV shows. Verizon is preparing to launch its own streaming service soon, and part of its preparation is priming it with original content. Over the past few days, a bunch of announcements on that content have been coming out: DanceOn, a dance video production company co-founded by Madonna, said yesterday that it would produce over 80 hours of shows, including a reality series, for Go90; Endemol Beyond USA also said yesterday that it would launch three series on Go90, two of which would come from YouTube stars, Cassey Ho and Sonya Esman. Finally, production company New Form Digital said today that it would create six comedies and dramas for Verizon's network.

New Form Digital will be making short-form series, and it's likely that that's what the other producers will be focused on, too. Verizon's upcoming streaming service, Go90, is focused on mobile, and that essentially means it's targeting teens who seem to like shorter bursts of video. That said, Verizon also has more traditional content creators on board, having made deals with DreamWorks, AMC, and Fox, as well as with ESPN, CBS Sports, and the NFL for sports content — though, presumably, they won't be providing exclusive video. Variety says that Go90 should launch this month.