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Celebrating Diversity - How essential is this?

After close to one year I am back with loads of great and innovative ideas just about anything online, and even in real life. One of the stuffs that I have been busy with was collecting books of great authors who have done significant contributions in society. One of the authors I am currently following is Valerie Christopher. I just love her passion towards nurturing children's mind, heart and soul. I like how she put emphasis on the process of children's growth and development. I admire her advocacy and thought I'd share some of her works. I am doing this not because she asked me to but because I want everyone in the world to know that there's a book available online and on trusted bookstore which focused on cultivating the minds and total personality of the future generations. If you want find out more about the book please see the link I shared below. Thank you.

I Am Not A Minority! I’m Part of the Majority!
"Celebrating Diversity"