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Marvel's Jessica Jones isn't a morning person in latest Netflix teaser

That's putting it lightly

If you know anything about Marvel's Jessica Jones, it's that she's not your typical superhero. Fortunately, that's not stopping her from getting her very own show on Netflix. The streaming site has just released the first true teaser for the upcoming show, and it makes no secret of the fact that Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) is no Goody Two-shoes.

The show picks up after Jessica Jones retires from being a superhero and opens up her own detective agency in New York. From the clip, it looks like this newly-minted PI isn't much of a morning person, though she still has her superhuman strength.

Jessica Jones is the second of four Marvel shows exclusive Netflix. She, along with Daredevil, will eventually join Luke Cage and Iron Fist in Marvel's The Defenders sometime after each of their solo shows premiere next year. Jessica Jones premieres on November 20th.