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Horror manga legend Junji Ito was working on Kojima and del Toro's canceled Silent Hills

In yet another sign that the world is a terrible, cruel place that will only ever disappoint us, Guillermo del Toro has revealed that his canceled Silent Hill reboot with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima had another illustrious collaborator: Junji Ito. If you're not familiar with Ito's work, know that this means Silent Hills could have been amazing.

Ito is one of the most distinctive and twisted manga artists in Japan, with a ton of warped horror series like Gyo, which sees Okinawa invaded by mutant killer fish with metal legs as a holdover from World War II research, or Uzumaki, in which a town is cursed by an obsession with spirals. His graphic style isn't really something that's been seen in major video games, but in hindsight, what little we saw of Silent Hills and its short-lived concept demo P.T. was characteristically right in line.

Since Konami appears more interested in running gyms than releasing video games these days, perhaps these three will find some other way to collaborate in the future. Until then, mourn what could have been.