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Master Chief is a fallen hero in the new Halo 5 trailer

Master Chief is a fallen hero in the new Halo 5 trailer

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Master Chief is dead. Long live Master Chief. Halo 5: Guardians is due out in less than a month, and developer 343 Industries is working hard to cement the legend of its super soldier. The latest trailer for the game — which aired during tonight's Sunday Night Football game — is a live-action affair set in the year 2560. The short clip acts as an obituary for the Halo series' central character: a newsreader announces the death of Spartan John-117 (better known as Master Chief), while the people of Earth look on, perturbed.

Of course, a little thing like death isn't likely to stop Master Chief, and players of Halo 5 can expect to be donning his familiar green armor and picking up his assault rifle to continue the fight Microsoft originally assured us would be finished way back in Halo 3. Our early experience with the game indicates that while Guardians will be full of nods to Halo fans who've tracked Master Chief and friends through 14 years of games, its campaign and multiplayer modes will also offer plenty of fun, even for people who think that Cortana is just Microsoft's digital assistant.