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Hacked Amazon Dash button is the fastest way to get pizza delivered to your mouth

Hacked Amazon Dash button is the fastest way to get pizza delivered to your mouth

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Every day humans spend on this planet, it becomes easier to get pizza. First, you had to call for pizza. Now we can order online for pizza. We can use an app to push for pizza. We can use a 3D printer to make pizza. We can order pizza with emoji. Add another one to that list. Now, using Amazon's Dash buttons — small $5 devices designed to place orders for regular household items — we can slap a big white button for pizza.

Inspired by engineer Ted Benson, who hacked his Dash button to track his baby's pooping schedule, fellow engineer Brody Berson hacked his Dash button so that it would order him pizza from Domino's, using an API capable of sending payment to the pizza delivery company. By programming a specific order into his Dash button — not one hooked up to an Amazon account — Berson just needed to sit back and wait the estimated 20 to 30 minutes for his pizza to arrive.

Extrapolating this rapid technological advance, it won't be long until everything on the planet is capable of ordering pizza for you. In two years, simply slur the word "peezzuuur" and a drone will leave a 12-inch pepperoni pie on your porch. In five years, stroke any nearby dog and its mouth will yawn open like a snake's, releasing a hot and tasty calzone from its inner hatch. In ten years, Facebook will complete its initiative to offer pizza delivery to all developing nations, constructing a giant unpiloted gunship capable of launching huge salvos of melted cheese, dough, and tomato sauce from 105mm howitzer cannons. It will be glorious.