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Stunning photos from last night’s rare super blood moon

Refracted light from the Sun painting the Moon red

Last night, people in Western Europe, South America, and America's East Coast had front row seats to the super blood moon. It was a rare astronomical event in which a total lunar eclipse happened during the same night as a supermoon. The result was a particularly large and shiny full moon that turned dark red for over an hour.

If you missed out on the show, it's going to be a while before you can see it again. The last time a supermoon coincided with a total lunar eclipse was in 1982, and the next one won't happen until 2033. To tie you over until that happens, check out some of the stunning photos people took Sunday evening.

Super Blood Moon in photos


The super blood moon can be seen behind one of the steeples of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, western Germany (ROLF VENNENBERND/AFP/Getty Images)

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