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How to build your own 'Netflix and chill' button, according to Netflix

How to build your own 'Netflix and chill' button, according to Netflix

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Netflix has published instructions to make a button that will order takeout, dim the lights, turn on the television, launch Netflix, and silence your phones. The streaming services calls it "The Switch," but Hackaday provides its real name: "The Netflix and Chill Button."

Netflix and chill, for those who don't stay fresh on internet hook-up lingo, is code for "come over and we'll use Netflix as a modest excuse to have sex." Where people once invited potential mates up for coffee, now they Netflix and chill.

Netflix as a modest excuse for having sex

The button, which cannot be purchased online — yet! — is a DIY project. More skilled builders can customize, but Netflix provides a specific build for newcomers. Their button is powered by a Particle Core microcontroller, a smart TV with a built-in Netflix app, a lithium-ion polymer battery that connects via Micro USB, and a custom enclosure (an E-stop button is the easier option for people who hated shop class and don't know a 3D printer from a laser printer).

Using the schematic, elbow grease, some smart devices, and patience, the Netflix and Chiller can have the button assembled in an afternoon. This isn't the simplest project, but that's part of its mystique What better way to impress your Netflix and Chillee than pressing a single, handmade button that turns your living room into a Grace and Frankie marathon for two.

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