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Samsung will shut down Milk Video in November

The app will shutter on November 20th

On November 19th, 2014, Samsung launched a video discovery app called Milk Video. Almost exactly one year later, the company plans to shut it down, Variety reports.

No use crying over Milk

With Milk Video, Samsung hoped to streamline the process of watching and sharing videos on your phone, a function which was questioned from the start. The app aggregated videos from popular platforms and publications like YouTube, Funny or Die, BuzzFeed, and Vice.

Samsung announced it would shutter Milk Video on Google Play, noting that support for the app would end on November 20th. Milk Video's sibling services, Milk Music and Milk VR, appear to be unaffected by the change for now, but, as Variety reports, recent layoffs at Samsung could mean Milk's troubles aren't over yet.