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Google's new phones will come with 'Nexus Imprint,' a powerful fingerprint reader

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Google's latest hardware offerings will come with a new option for authentication. On stage at an official event, Google engineering chief Dave Burke today announced a new fingerprint reader, dubbed Nexus Imprint and available on both the 6P and 5X. Burke described Imprint as a "seamless way of authenticating with your fingerprint," requiring less than 600 milliseconds to recognize a fingerprint, and improving with each use. The new sensor is open to the entire ecosystem, allowing easy verification within third-party apps.

The new fingerprint readers will be implemented managed by isolated hardware within the devices similar to iPhone's secure element. That hardware separation provides crucial protection against any malware looking to steal fingerprints in transit. At the Black Hat conference this summer, researchers revealed how to exploit Android fingerprint readers without sufficient hardware partitions, including the HTC One Max. Thanks to the hardware isolation, those exploits will be impossible under the new Imprint system.

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