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Google Chromecast now supports Spotify

Google Chromecast now supports Spotify


Better late than never

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During its Nexus event today, Google announced that its Chromecast has finally been updated with support for Spotify, confirming a report by 9to5Google from last week. The streaming service with over 75 million users has been one of the few music holdouts that didn't work with Google's Chromecast, instead focusing on its Spotify Connect to play music in your home.

If you pick up Google's new Chromecast Audio, it will let you take your music from Spotify (Premium members only) and send it to any speaker or amplifier with a 3.5mm audio port. The $35 dongle will be receiving multi-room support later this year as well (each speaker or amplifier will need a separate Chromecast Audio) which could make for a pretty cheap home audio setup.

Spotify support is available on the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio today, and support will roll out to older Chromecast devices over the next few weeks.

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