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How to watch the Tesla Model X launch tonight

The electric car company finally delivers its first SUVs

After years of delays, Tesla is finally launching the Model X, its all-electric crossover SUV. The company is holding an official event tonight at its factory in Fremont, California. The live stream begins at 8PM PT, and you can watch it here on the official Tesla website.

The company will also deliver the first few Model X vehicles to its "signature reservation" customers at the event. The Model X is the third car in Tesla's lineup, following the record-breaking Model S and the original Roadster.

We already know a lot about the Model X, but that doesn't mean there's no reason to watch. Elon Musk has a knack for going off-script at these events, like when he let slip that Tesla was working on its strange-looking snake charger in the middle of the "D" event last year. And as always, we'll be covering the news from the event, so keep it locked.