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The PS4's huge new software update launches tomorrow

The PS4's huge new software update launches tomorrow


YouTube streaming, Twitter video clips, stickers, and more

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At the beginning of the month Sony outlined one of the biggest software updates to the PlayStation 4 to date, adding new features like increased cloud storage and the ability to stream games on YouTube. Now we finally know when version 3.0 of the software will be available — and it's tomorrow.

The key changes are the bump in cloud storage from 1GB to 10, and the new option to stream via YouTube in addition to Twitch, but there are plenty of additional changes as well. Other incoming upgrades include the ability to share 10-second video clips to Twitter directly from your console; some user interface tweaks that include a dedicated PlayStation Plus section for subscribers; and an events hub so that you can see any upcoming special events in games that you play, and either participate or watch via Twitch or YouTube. There are also some changes to the way messaging works, including — perhaps most importantly — the ability to communicate using stickers based on games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet.

PS4 stickers

For more on the update, be sure to check out the video above.