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Apple set to pay LA school district $4.2 million after failed iPad deal

Apple set to pay LA school district $4.2 million after failed iPad deal


Lenovo may also credit the district with $2.2 million in purchased laptops

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The Los Angeles Unified School District reached a tentative settlement agreement last week with Apple over the failed plan to put iPads in the hands of every student and teacher in the district. Under the proposed settlement, Apple will pay $4.2 million to the district, the Los Angeles Times reports. Lenovo, which also charged for controversial Pearson curriculum software, will not make the district pay $2.2 million for purchased laptops under the settlement, according to the Times.

The story behind the deal's collapse has been slowly unfolding since 2013, when the LAUSD struck what seemed to be a historic deal with Apple — and later, Lenovo — to bring gadgets into schools. But school officials claimed the educational software loaded on the iPads was full of problems, and that teachers weren't properly trained to use it. Education company Pearson was the provider of the software, but was working as a subcontractor for Apple and Lenovo, meaning the lawsuit was handled between the companies and the LAUSD. The bidding process for the iPads has also come under scrutiny, with the FBI investigating the contract.

A Board of Education vote on the proposed settlement is expected to happen next month.