Here's how Google's new Nexus phones compare to the competition


Google revealed a pair of new Nexus smartphones today: the mid-range Nexus 5X and the high-spec Nexus 6P. It's the first time the company has brought out two Nexus handsets in one year, and, as ever, it's positioning the devices as the archetypal Android smartphones, with both running the latest version of its mobile OS, Android Marshmallow. Big features for Marshmallow include longer battery life thanks to Doze (which basically tells apps to go to sleep when the phone hasn't been used in a while), and Now on Tap, which lets users tap and hold the home button to bring up contextual information via Google Now based on whatever is currently on their screens — be it song lyrics or restaurant reviews.

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The Nexus 6P is the flagship of the pair, with a 5.7-inch display and a full-metal aluminum body. There's a USB Type-C port which Google claims charges twice as fast as the iPhone 6 Plus, and the handset runs Nexus Imprint, the company's new "seamless" fingerprint sensor system. Imprint can authorize payments in Google Play and other apps, and can reportedly recognize a finger in less than 600 milliseconds. The 5X also gets Imprint as well as a Type-C port, but is a smaller, less powerful device, with a 5.2-inch display and a slower — but still adequate — Snapdragon 808 processor. Google also spent some time talking up the cameras on both handsets, but testing those will have to wait for a full hands-on.

You can check out the chart below to see how the two Nexus devices compare with the rest of the competition. Some of the obvious points of comparison include the fact that the 6P is priced well below its flagship rivals from Apple and Samsung (although it's more expensive than Motorola's Moto X Style) and has a far beefier battery. It's also interesting to see how fingerprint sensors are fast becoming standard for manufacturers, with only Motorola not offering one.

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