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Comcast launches Watchable video service on cable, iOS, and the web

Comcast launches Watchable video service on cable, iOS, and the web

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Comcast just announced the launch of its Watchable video streaming service we first learned about last month. The free, ad-supported app, now available on iOS, the web, and Comcast’s X1 set-top box, collects video programming from AwesomenessTV, BuzzFeed, Maker Studios, Machinima, NBCUniversal, Vice, The Onion, and others including Vox Media (The Verge's parent company). "Over time, we’ll add additional network partners, make the experience more personalized, and include new options to share content with friends," Comcast said in a statement.

Watchable iPhone

The beta release comes as telecom giants try to capture the eyeballs that've grown hooked on content from these video producers. Verizon recently rolled out Go90, its own take on a video app aimed at millennials. "We think Watchable can be a unique place that curates and distributes the best content from some of the most recognized brands and producers on the web," Comcast said. "Plus, many of our Watchable partners have not traditionally had distribution on the TV and we can give them a path to reach new audiences and further monetize their content on the biggest screen in the home." That view's a tad optimistic; there's still no evidence that these newer video apps can truly compete for views with YouTube and Facebook. But Comcast seems set on trying. "As the video industry continues to evolve, Comcast will continue to experiment."